Fenomena Perubahan Bentuk Bangunan Rumah Tinggal Di Desa Sodo Paliyan, Gunung Kidul

Abstract:  Dynamic changes will always occur in life. This research studies about the phenomenon of the change  of  new  house  form    in  Sodo  village.  The  aim  is  to  find  factors  influencing  the  change  of  the building  form and the varieties of the change. This research will apply qualitative methods. The results of the research are as follows:  the change of the house is affected by the livelihood, the limited size of the land,  the  stages  in  bulding  construction,  the  people  involved  in  the  construction,  and  the  openness  of communication and information. Those factors affect the change of orientation of building, the building form, the verandah, the shape and location of the main door and windows, as well as the the material and the  building color.

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